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Do you want to know how to get yourself or your team in "top shape", how to let your players achieve "Maximum Performance".Is your training becoming stale, have you run out of ideas, then use the very latest methods, as used by top Clubs, and Countries worldwide.These are the methods that all of the elite conditioning coaches worldwide use, and are usually only known by them, having worked at the highest level for the last 34 years, I will show you the so called "secrets".What to do, and more importantly, what not to do, with your teams and players at whatever level you work at.
1.    Online one- to- one clinics.
2.    Correspondence courses.
3.    Residential one-to-one clinics.
4.    Seminars and courses. (If you want to arrange a course in your locality, you and your coaches come free).
5.    Elite clinics (for professional coaches who want access to the very latest, and creative training methodology).
6.    In house refreshment course for all of your coaching staff.If your club can not afford a full-time conditioning coach, then use Roger Spry to help in setting up programmes for your own coaching/staff to follow.The programmes will remain the property of the purchasing club.
7.    Individual training,assesments, or training routines.
8.    Functional Integrated Training (FIT) the most football specific,most efficient and effective training in the world. 
All of the clinics involve the same information I use when I work as a coach educator for UEFA, so you will have access to the same information as all of the leading Federations and Assosciations,do not miss this unique opportunity.
Contact me for a price on services.


The ICA Fitness and Conditioning Course is a culmination of over two years of work and reflects over 40 years of international experience from our fitness experts. ICA Course instructor Roger Spry is recognized as one of the top fitness and conditioning trainers in the world. His methods and ideas are used by the most recognizable players and teams at international levels. In fact, sixteen of the starting twenty two players in the 2004 European Championship Final (Greece versus Portugal) were trained by ICA Course Instructor - Roger Spry. Roger is currently conditioning coach for the Austrian National team.
Course Content.
The online lessons are easy to understand, with plenty of photos, 3-D illustrations, audio and video demonstrations to help you learn.
Every section is explained in detail, so you can be sure you are learning the latest skills and techniques. This course will teach you the very latest methods used by top clubs and national teams worldwide. When you enroll you will instantly have access to the course curriculum covering; Warm Ups, Isolation Training, Speed Development, Strength Training, Stamina Training, Flexibility Training, Rhythm Training, Mobility Training, Cool Downs, Fitness Testing and much more.
At your pace and convenience you can take the ICA Online Fitness and Conditioning exam. On the successful completion of the exam you will be sent a personalized certificate recognizing that you have passed the course.
"As a coach who is constantly looking and researching new and different training methods, I would have loved to have access to information (all in one place) like this when I was starting out. I am delighted to be part of this organization that offers coaches worldwide, the very latest and cutting edge information, drills, and routines that are tried and tested at the highest level.
I have been very fortunate to work with some of the greatest coaches and players all over the world, and these methods and philosophies have been used and shared with them. Now I would like to share them with everyone. Take the ride, I am sure you will enjoy the view and the destination" said Roger Spry, ICA Director of Fitness Education.
The International Coaches Association is the first ever soccer organization to develop and implement an Online Coaching Academy.
The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course is the only online fitness coaching certificate available that you can take at your convenience and at your pace.
To find out more information about The ICA Fitness and Conditioning for Soccer Course please go to


The Art of Champions (with Eusebio and Andy Roxburgh).
Creative Movement (with the Scottish National team).
Maximum Performance.
Private Collection 1.
Private Collection 2.
Private Collection 3.
Private Collection 4.
Conditioning Training-The Austrian Way.
Fit for the beautiful game.




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