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UEFA staff coach educator and Sports Consultant, Roger Spry has vast experience of the philosophies and methods of elite international football managers and coaches, having worked worldwide with Premier teams for over 35 years.
An English National and fluent speaker of Spanish and Portuguese, Roger has worked as Physical and Technical Coach to the Austrian, Scottish and Kuwait National Teams and has many years' experience of international coaching including: Sporting Lisbon (Portugal), Vitoria Setubal (Portugal), Vissell Kobe (Japan), FC Porto, (Portugal), AEK Athens (Greece) and Panathinaikos (Greece).
Vitoria Setubal
Sporting Lisbon
Aston Villa
Manchester City
Sheffield Wednesday
AEK Athens
FC Porto
The English Premiership and the L.M.A. 
Arsene Wenger
Jose Mourinho
Fernando Santos
Bobby Robson
Ron Atkinson
Malcolm Allison
Alberto Malazzani
Marcel Koller
Andy Roxbrugh
Graham Taylor
Individual sports professionals:
Former World Heavyweight Championship, Frank Bruno
Portuguese FIFA World Player of the Year 2001 and Ballon D'Or winner 2000, Luis Figo
Portuguese International player and UEFA Champions League winner with FC Porto  (2004) and               FC Barcelona (2006), Deco

Brazil International player and  Real Madrid player (part of the 2001 UEFA Champions League team) Flavio Conceicao
International golf professional, Ronan Rafferty
 Coaching Methods
Roger’s innovative approach to teaching utilises the best of east and west philosophies, encouraging dynamic, creative coaching in the game, promoting power, balance, flair and agility, assisted by music and rhythm.
His regular courses include: Maximum Performance, Creative Coaching, Non Linear Speed, Stretching and Flexibility, Rest and Recuperation and Functional Integrated Training.
Roger Thomas Spry.
Nationality: British 
Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.
Professor of Martial Arts Studies and Applications, with emphasis on Physical/Mental Conditioning.
8th. Degree Black-Belt Mugendo (Karate).
UEFA Coach Educator.
IFA. Qualified Instructor.
ISSA.Specialist Conditioning Coach. (Ongoing).
ICA.Clinical Fitness Specialist Coach.
Experience: (International).
Physical/Technical coach to the Scotland National team.
Physical/Technical coach to the Kuwait National team.
Physical/Technical coach to the Austrian National team.
Experience: (National).
Sporting Lisbon. (Portugal) Cup Winners and Runners-up, Portuguese League.
Vitoria Setubal. (Portugal) Second Division Champions. (1986/7).
Aston Villa. (England) Runners-up Premier League. (1992/3).
Sheffield Wednesday (England) League-Cup Winners, promotion.
Arsenal F.C. (England).
Manchester City (England).
Vissel Kobe (Japan) Champions of the J.F.L. (1995/6).
F.C.Porto (Portugal) Champions of the Portuguese League. (1997/8).
F.C.Porto (Portugal) Portuguese Cup Winners. (1997/8).
F.C. Porto (Portugal) Super Cup Winners. (1998/9).
F.C.Porto (Portugal) Champions of the Portuguese League. (1998/9).
F.C.Porto. (Portugal) Super Cup Winners (1999/00).
AEK Athens (Greece). Greek Cup Winners. Runners-up Greek Championship. (2001/02).
Panathinaikos (Greece). Runners-up Greek Championship (2002/3).
Panathinaikos (Greece). Runners-up Greek Championship (2004/5).
Celtic (Scotland).Champions SPL (2006-7).

Consultant to:
UEFA (Guest coach at numerous International conventions)
English, Irish, (Northern and Southern Football Associations), Danish, Dutch, Austrian, Scottish, Welsh, Swedish, Cyprus, Norwegian, Japanese,Finnish, Portuguese, San Marino, American,Ukranian, Greek, Georgian , Maltese and Macedonian Football Associations
The Premier League
The L.M.A
The English Rugby Union Federation
The English Cricket Association
The Swedish Tennis Federation
Frank Bruno, World Heavyweight boxing Champion
Ronan Rafferty, International Golf professional
Portuguese, Spanish and English.
The Art of Champions (with Eusebio and Andy Roxburgh).
Creative Movement (with the Scottish   National team).
Maximum Performance 1.
Maximum Performance 2.
Fitness4soccer 1. (Agility and mobility).
Fitness4soccer 2. (Speed and power).
Fitness4soccer 3. (Creative movement).
Fitness4soccer 4. (Strength and power).
Fitness4soccer 5. (A to z of flexibility).
Conditioning Training-The Austrian Way.
Fit for the beautiful game.
Publications & Articles.
World Soccer.
Performance Conditioning for Soccer.
World Class Coaching.
Physical/Technical coach with 13 National Managers.
Bobby Robson. (England & Sporting Lisbon).
Andy Roxburgh. (Scotland).
Craig Brown. (Scotland).
Carlos Queiroz. (Portugal, Iran & Sporting Lisbon).
Malcolm Allison. (Kuwait).
Bobby Gould (Wales).
Antonio Oliviera. (Portugal & F.C.Porto).
Stuart Baxter.(  Norway,South Africa & Vissel Kobe).
Josef Hickersberger. (Austria).
Karel Bruckner.(Austria).
Fernando Santos. (Porto, AEK Athens, Panathinaikos .Greece and Portugal).
Marcell Koller. (Austria).
Gordon Strachan.(Coventry, Middlesbrough, Celtic and Scotland).

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Roger Spry and Jose Mourinho
Roger Spry and Bobby Robson
Vissell Kobe
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